Combat cookies

Grown by the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA), Combat Cookies is an in-house Girl Scout Cookies Phenotype that is useful for pain relief and relaxation. This strain was developed by the US military combat veterans of SCVA for fellow veterans dealing with pain. Combat Cookies has reported benefits for PTSD symptoms and chronic pain relief, with a sweet, spicy herbal flavor.

Effects: euphoric, relaxed, pain relief

Flavors: earth, pine, woody

Kosher kush

SCVA Kosher Kush is the most popular strain cultivated by the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance. Kosher Kush is potent, indica-dominant hybrid developed for addressing pain and insomnia. This flower was used in a 2016 study on veterans with PTSD and insomnia by VA Palo Alto in partnership with the SCVA.

Effects: relaxed, sleep aid, pain relief

Flavors: earth, pine

super sour diesel

Cultivated by the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA), this potent Super Sour Diesel is intended for daytime use and is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. The diesel-infused flower has long-lasting effects for mood, energy, and sociability.

Effects: euphoric, energetic, creativity

Flavors: diesel





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