Who are we?
A team of military veterans from multiple branches dedicated to growing and providing quality cannabis for our brothers and sisters.

What do we do?
Incorporate the attention to detail trained from the military with agricultural science to grow top quality cannabis.

How we grow (cultivation practices)
SCVA cannabis is cultivated to the highest standards of quality. Our cultivation practices and procedures are inspired by our greater organic growing community here in Santa Cruz, CA.

The SCVA team believes that as military veterans we can take charge and lead the way when it comes to growing and providing this medicine. We strive to incorporate the skills and disciplines learned in the military to create a collective model based on pride, integrity, commitment, attention to detail, and service to others.

At SCVA, we not only cultivate for clean consistent medical-grade cannabis, we also practice horticultural therapy. The calming influence of a plant-rich environment has been transformed into a therapeutic tool. Horticulture Therapy was historically used with servicemen returning from World War I and II as an opportunity for healing, stress reduction, exercise, and learning. Bringing a veteran into the cannabis garden teaches them a new skill, gives them community, allows them to know their medicine, and provides a peaceful environment. We believe through gardening that we are Cultivating Mindfulness by increasing observational skills, attention span, and fostering small moments of peace.

How we care (compassion practices)
THE SCVA Veteran Compassion Program

SCVA’s mission is to provide those veterans who are in need with safe access to high-quality, lab-tested cannabis at NO CHARGE. We accomplish this mission through the SCVA Veteran Compassion Program (VCP), where over 100 veterans receive a free donation of SCVA cannabis products once a month.

SCVA VCP meetings are currently held on the first Monday of every month from 5-6pm at the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building (846 Front Street- Santa Cruz, CA 95060)

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